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Sophia is a real estate transaction/closing coordinator. She acts as the liaison between real estate agents, clients, attorney/title companies, and mortgage broker. With a thorough knowledge of the buying and selling process, she provides strong organizational, people, computer and record-keeping skills. Having a professional who manages all the paperwork and deadlines involved in a real estate transaction frees up agents to do what they do best – sell. Your Virtual Assistant completes every step of the selling process and completes all needed tasks. She monitoring progress from the time the seller accepts an offer through the close of escrow.

Virtual Assistance Services:

• Makes sure that all signatures and initials required are present on the contract and addendas.

• Ensures the needed addendas are included in the contract.

• Opens the file with the attorney/title company.

• Sends copies of the contract to the other agent, buyer/seller and lender.

• Creates a summary sheet that includes the contact information of parties, as well as the property address and photo.

• Uploads documents for shared viewing.

• Schedules inspections and repairs when applicable.

• Sends e-mails on a daily/weekly basis notifying transaction status, keeps agent informed of upcoming deadlines.

• Requests an estimated HUD-1 statement for agent to review.

• Follows up with the title company regarding closing date.

• Sends reminders to remove lock box and signs.

• Updates customers’ new address and contact information in CRM.

• Changes status in MLS to “sold” after closing, if applicable.

• Gets in touch with former clients after closing and adds them to a drip campaign.