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Successful Real Estate Brokers take advantage of transaction coordination services to allow them the time to focus on what matters most to them. Turn YOUR time into success, generate more real estate transactions, more leads and more revenue. Let your Transaction Coordinator handle your transactions for a smooth, dependable and reliable close, every time.

1. Your Transaction Coordinator keep details and deadlines organized and on track

 Transaction Coordinators supervise every stage of a home sale, from a signed contract to closing. You don’t have to deal with all the deadlines, timelines and clauses that need to be followed during a sale. This is what Transaction Coordinators do! Letting your Transaction Coordinator worry about keeping things moving along will make the whole selling process less stressful for you, giving you the opportunity to spend your valuable time doing what you do best.

2. Your Transaction Coordinator handle all the time-consuming work

There is a mountain of paperwork and administrative tasks involved in executing a real estate sale. Managing the process is very time-consuming. That’s why it’s a smart business decision to hire a Transaction Coordinator to handle it for you. Free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business, including time management.

3. Your Transaction Coordinator builds detailed transaction files

During a real estate transaction, sensitive data is exchanged between the buyer, seller, lender and other parties. Your Transaction Coordinator will safely and securely manage all confidential information. They are responsible for accurate record-keeping, which can be critical if a disagreement, lawsuit or an ethics complaint emerges.

4. Your Transaction Coordinator can work from anywhere

One of the great things about a Transaction Coordinator is their ability to provide virtual support. As long as you have access to a computer and phone, your Transaction Coordinator can literally be anywhere with an internet connection, managing your real estate sale. That said, you’ll want to hire a Transaction Coordinator with experience in your state since rules and regulations do vary.

5. Your Transaction Coordinator serves as your advocate

If a buyer is slow to send paperwork, if a lender is being unresponsive or if there are any setbacks that occur during the sale process, your Transaction Coordinator will work to get things moving again. Because they know what deadlines have to be met and when they can take the appropriate actions to quickly resolve any issues.

6. Your Transaction Coordinator can answer questions you have throughout the sale

An experienced Transaction Coordinators can be a great resource during the home sale process and can serve as the go-to person to address questions or concerns that arise during the transaction process.

7. Your Transaction Coordinator serves as a liaison between multiple parties

There are many people involved in a real estate transaction, and it’s time-consuming to be responsible for communicating with multiple parties at various stages of the process. Your Transaction Coordinator will serve as a liaison between you and the buyer/seller, the buyer/selling agents, the Title Company, vendors and so on. That means you get to delegate the tedious task of managing back and forth communications and have one point of contact who will keep you in the loop on all important updates and progress.